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Tips for Joining Zoom

Logging on to Zoom:

  • If you join from a computer:

    • Click Join Audio

    • If you have an internal or external microphone, choose “computer audio” otherwise, choose “call me” or “phone call”

  • If you join from a mobile phone or tablet

    • Tap join audio

    • Choose your preferred method to join

Please rename yourself: It is very key in private meetings that your login name matches your name on the roster (i.e., not just your phone number)


1. Click Participants

2. Click More

3. Click Rename

Mobile Phone or Tablet

  1. Tap Participants or More

  2. Tap Your Name or Device Name

  3. Tap Rename

Please note, participants may be placed on mute during the speaker portion. However, there will be opportunities to “Raise Your Hand” and of course use the CHAT feature – a great opportunity to give live feedback!!!


1. Click Chat or Raise Hand (meeting controls)

2. Chat Window opens

3. Click Send

Mobile Phone or Tablet

  1. Tap Participants or More

  2. Tap Chat or Raise Hand

Please note, the chat feature will automatically send your messages to “everyone.” To send a message to a specific person use the drop-down menu to select an individual

Special View: The best way to watch a zoom with more than 1 speaker is to use “Speaker View” this will give you more of a webinar feel as those who are speaking will be highlighted on your screen. (To see all participants at the same time simply switch back to “Gallery View” and scroll through the pages)

Speaker View:

Gallery View:

Android Phone

  • By default, the app will display the active Speaker view

  • To switch to Gallery view, simply swipe left on your screen


  • Look in the upper-left corner of the Zoom window you will see controls (just tap on screen to make them appear)

  • You will see an option to “Switch to Gallery view or Switch to Active Speaker”

Internet Browser:

  • Start or join meeting from your internet browser

Click View in the top-right corner, and then select Speaker or Gallery

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